DDoS Protection

Stay online even during long lasting attacks

Automated DDoS Mitigation that works!


How does the AS203446 DDoS mitigation work?

Our Anti DDoS is based on vendor based self developed software.

We differentiate very precisely between attack and clean traffic. Because our solution runs inline, we can detect an attack almost immediately. A change of the routing is not necessary. Active mitigation is also not visible.

What does "inline" mean exactly?

The term inline means that traffic is constantly flowing through DDoS mitigation, but is not actively being mitigated. Malicious traffic is only blocked in the event of an attack. An inline solution also has the advantage that connections that were established before a DDoS attack was launched are not closed.


Traffic towards your services is inspected at all times, 24/7

Rich statistics

See all your attacks in a single pane of glass, or via the REST API

Packet samples

Analyze the captured attacks yourself online or with the help of AS203446.  

Many attack vectors

TCP, UDP, ICMP,GRE and other Protocols, including IPv6  

Game and voice servers

Protection for TeamSpeak, FiveM, Minecraft and many more games. 

Custom mitigation

We offer a custom mitigation for clients with special needs 

Our Promise - What sets us apart from other providers

We are actively working to improve detection of new attack vectors. Other providers work with Geo-restrictions and block individual countries or continents. We are aware that this is not a DDoS mitigation.

Together with known countermeasures such as syn cookies, TCP and UDP authentication, we generate an attack pattern if possible, that clearly identifies an attack and the harmful traffic can be blocked according to this pattern. Thus, the filtering is even more precise.

As one of the few providers, we already offer DDoS protection for the IP Protocol Version 6 (IPv6), which works exactly the same as for IPv4. This means you are protected on all layers.

Continous insight into War and peace-time traffic


AI based Filter against PCAP Replay and zero day threats


Your benefits when choosing our solution

  • TTM(Time to mitigate) in under 10 seconds
  • Optimized for latency critical applications (<0.2ms)
  • Cost effective: You only pay for clean traffic, not for attack traffic.
  • Detailed attack reporting via Web UI or REST API
  • Mitigation is possible via BGP/GRE or Layer 1/2 Transport
  • Custom Zones on a per-IP basis
  • Game server protection(Minecraft,FiveM,CS1.6 and more)
  • Voice server protection(TeamSpeak,Mumble)
  • Protection for generic UDP/TCP/GRE/ICMP services
  • Pre-Filters against Amplifiation attacks
  • Zero day AI attack pattern detection using tensorflow
  • Flexible and customizable BPF rules
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To mitigate volumetric attacks that would otherwise saturate our bandwidth, we depend on reliable partners.

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